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These soft, Flexible Finger-Tip Grip Gloves are designed specifically for machine quilting and piecing. They give your hands traction on cotton fabric while machine quilting, yet they are flexible and form-fitting enough that you can leave them on to clip or change threads, thread needles, adjust fabric, and add or remove pins! Breathable fabric for comfortable wear over long periods of time.


  1. Soft, flexible, lightweight fingertip grip gives full control with less resistance and drag on fabric.
  2. Form-fitting, seamless design - keep your gloves on to clip and change thread, thread needles, adjust fabrics, and add and remove pins.
  3. Breathable fabric helps retain skin’s natural moisture.
  4. Elasticated cuff keeps the glove correctly adjusted
  5. Enhance hand and wrist support for reduced fatigue and tension in hands, arms, shoulders, and neck.
  6. Comfortable for use over prolonged periods of time
  7. Specifically designed for machine piecing and quilting
  8. Washable 100% nylon polyurethene fingertip coating.


Available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Sizes. Gloves are designed to be form fitting (not loose).

Size is determined by the length of your middle finger. Please see the image for reference.

  • Small 7 - 7.5 cm (White cuff)
  • Medium 7.5 - 8cm (Green cuff)
  • Large 8cm - 8.5cm (Grey cuff)
  • Extra Large 8.5 - 9cm (Yellow cuff)

Length of Gloves from the base of cuff to top of the middle finger is:

  • Small 21cm
  • Medium 22cm
  • Large 23cm
  • Extra Large 24cm

How to Clean your Quilting Gloves 

  • Hand wash in cool water with mild detergent. Dry flat. Do not tumble dry or iron.
  • With extended use, lint and excess fabric dye may accumulate on fingertip coating.
  • To renew grip, gently rub oil soap or saddle soap on fingertip coating, then wash according to care instructions.

Additional Uses

These gloves are also widely used for light parts handling, mobile phones, electronic goods assembly, wiring in addition to machine quilting. They exhibit high dexterity for microengineering, assembly and machining where good touch sensitivity is required, such as quality control, small component handling, pharmaceuticals, photo film handling and anywhere grip is needed to avoid slippage when dealing with wet or oily components.  

Machine Quilting Gloves with Fingertip Grips

White Machine Quilting Gloves - Medium

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