• The Ultimate Quilt Pounce has a pad and a large inner reservoir filled with chalk powder (included) which you gently wipe across the surface of the stencil.
  • This Set includes the box pounce pad applicator and a bag of white "Iron Off" pounce powder.
  • You can refill the pounce pad over and over.Hand and machine quilters will save hours of marking timeInstant satisfaction!
  • Just swipe and you're done!
  • Does not pull or stretch your fabric when marking
  • Much easier on your hands than holding pencils
  • Simply fill the Quilt Pounce pad's large inner reservoir with the chalk powder (included) and gently wipe it across the surface of the stencil. That is it!
  • Why trace all those lines with a pencil and risk stretching your fabric when you can be done with one swipe?

The Ultimate Pounce Powder which is included with the Ultimate Quilt Pounce is a light white powder - a type of tailors chalk that irons off with a steam or dry iron. There is enough powder to easily refill the Pad 3-4 times, enough to mark a few large quilts. Ironing it off is the easiest way to remove it but by no means the only way. Sometimes when you're using a poly batting or metallic thread you may not want to iron it away. It will come off easily with a damp cloth. It also brushes off. It will iron off from the back if you have delicate applique you may not want to iron over.

You may want to store it in its tray upside down. This keeps the powder from settling in the pad and over-saturating it.



Quilt Pounce Pad with White Iron-off chalk

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