Sue Spargo Eleganza Perle 8

Material: 2-ply 100% Long Staple Double-Gassed Egyptian Cotton

Weights: 8wt, 5wt, 3wt


  • 8wt - 64m (70yd) spools
  • 5wt - 37m (40yd) spools
  • 3wt - 27m (30yd) spools
  • 90 colours - 36 solid, 54 variegated
  • 50 primitive colours - 25 solid, 25 variegated

Usages: Wool applique, hand embroidery, sashiko, crochet, knitting, crafts.


For Crochet:
Cotton perle embroidery threads, although generally softer and shinier than crochet cotton, may be used in crochet patterns as follows:- #5 perle is a little thicker than #10 crochet cotton but is suitable for most #10 cotton patterns; #8 perle is about the same as #20 crochet cotton

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