Eleganza Cotton Perle 8

Sue Spargo's Eleganza Perle cotton collection is designed to meet the specific needs of hand stitchers, embroiderers and embellishers. Passionate about stitching, Sue set out to design a product of utmost quality in collaboration with Wonderfil Specialty Threads.

Eleganza is made from 100% Giza 88, the highest calibre extra long staple Egyptian cotton. Fibres spun with this fibre create a thread of extreme softness, strength and lustre. An extra 15% twist has been incorporated into the design of Eleganza resulting in a thread of superior stability, uniformity and sewability. Eleganza is double gassed and mercerised to eliminate build up of lint and snub, largely enriching the appeal of stitchery.

Sue has designed a bright, saturated colour palette along with a unique line of variegated threads. Eleganza's collection of variegates contain extra short variegations in order to provide rapid colour change on small-scale designs. Sue expanded the line to include the primitive range which are softer colours to round out the range

  • Available in three weights: Size 8, Size 5, Size 3
  • We stock 138 Colours - 60 Solid Colours and 78 Variegated Colours
  • Original range of 90 colours: 36 solids EZ01-36 and 54 variegated threads EZM01-54
  • Primitive Range of 48 colours is available in Perle 8 and Perle 5: 24 Solids EZ 37-60 and 24 Variegated threads EZM 75-98

Recommended Needles:

For Crochet:
Cotton perle embroidery threads, although generally softer and shinier than crochet cotton, may be used in crochet patterns as follows:- #5 perle is a little thicker than #10 crochet cotton but is suitable for most #10 cotton patterns; #8 perle is about the same as #20 crochet cotton