In Stellar Quilts Judy does for stars what she did for Log Cabins: She creates breathtakingly beautiful quilts and explains clearly how to make them.

Everyone loves stars

Whether they are the focal point of a quilt or a sparkling accent, stars excite the senses. They bring quilts to life. For her entire career Judy Martin has been fascinated with stars. She added them to the corners of Log Cabin blocks and created Colorado Log Cabin. She combined stars and Snail's Trails and created Shakespeare in the Park. She's added stars to baskets, flowers, and even to other stars. In short, she's crazy for stars. And when you see the innovative quilts in Stellar Quilts, you'll have stars in your eyes, too!


Stellar Quilts features:

  • 13 new patterns, each presented in 3 sizes
  • 130 alternate colorings, some for each pattern
  • Closeup photos to show you the quilting detail
  • 50 striking setting variations
  • Stellar tips from the sharpest mind in the business
  • Clear directions
  • Accurate yardage
  • Rotary cutting
  • Innovative new template method
  • Lavishly illustrated with 100's of color photos and drawings

New template method

Several of the quilts in Stellar Quilts derive their sparkle from the handful of odd shapes Judy uses in the book. But how do you cut the odd shapes? It's easy! You attach a paper template to a rotary ruler and use your rotary cutter to cut the patch.

Respect the tradition

Judy Martin is proud to be a quilt maker and prouder still of her long history of designing traditional-style quilts that honor the heritage of quilt making while expanding its variety and possibilities.

Judy believes quilt making should be a creative outlet, an expression of the maker's love: love for the recipient; love for the fabric; love for the tradition that binds today's quilt makers with all who have come before them. Yet too often in today's supersonic world, making quilts can be a mind-numbing assembly line of easily forgotten quilts. It shouldn't be a race to see who can finish the most quilts. If it's going to be some sort of contest, then let's make it a contest to find out who can most enjoy the process or who can be most proud of the end result. If pleasure and pride are your goals, come along with Judy Martin and savor the process of making quilts you can be proud of. Stellar Quilts is certain to have the special quilts you've been waiting for. So what are your waiting for?

Not just star quilts

The word stellar has two definitions. First, it means "relating to stars." It also means "exceptional." Stellar Quilts is a book of exceptional star quilts. That doesn't mean all the quilts are beyond the abilities of the average quilter. Judy Martin has a special genius for creating designs that look complicated but are easier to make than they look. All the quilts in this book will inspire you with their fresh setting ideas, unique blocks, handsome borders, or elegant quilting. Truly, these are stellar quilts.

Stellar Quilts by Judy Martin

Judy Martin, Judy Martin, 128 Pages Softcover
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