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Sewer's Aid - More Notions - 945d - OzQuilts Sewer's Aid - More Notions - 945d - OzQuilts

Sewer's Aid

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Sewers Aid is expecially useful for the home sewer. Sewers Aide applied sparingly to spool and bobbin thread and your sewing tools makes machine sewing smoother and hand sewing easier.

Dritz® Sewer’s Aid is a clear non-staining lubricant. A drop on the sewing machine needle will help reduce skipped stitching and the needle friction heat while sewing through heavy material and sheer fabric. Collin's Sewer's aid may also be sparingly applied to embroidery thread or bobbin thread making machine sewing and embroidery smoother. Sewers Aid lubricates the thread guides and tensions as it passes through the machine helping to eliminate skipped or erratic stitches.

Sewers Aid has unlimited uses:

  • Apply sewers aid to spool and bobbin thread. It will lubricate the thread guides and tension as it passes through the machine for smoother sewing.
  • Apply sewers aid to your hand sewing needle for easier penetration of fabric when hand sewing.
  • Apply sewers aid to your bottom presser foot and other machine attachments to glide over fabrics more easily.
  • Apply sewers aid to scissors for easier cutting.
  • Use sewers aid on stubborn metal zippers and for cleaning your eyeglasses!.


Place the dispenser tip at the top of the needle, spool etc. Allow a drop or 2 of sewers aid to come out - distribute evenly by moving downward on both sides

Caution: Do not use on machines with automatic thread tension. If silicone gets into the tension assembly it will create problems with the auto tension mechanism.

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