This fantastic gadget makes finding the perfect materials for your projects easy! Simply look through the finder to compare the values of your materials to create the perfect quilt.

Finding the perfect colours and materials for our patterns and projects can be difficult. We always want to make sure all our chosen fabrics match and work together. With all the different patterns and colours this can be difficult to ascertain. You may have heard people talking about the value of a material, and no they are not talking about how much it costs! The Value refers to the weight of colours in your material. More specifically how light or dark a fabric is. Most fabrics fit into three categories of light, medium, or dark. This becomes tricky when you are looking at a light colour, but the value of the material is actually dark. Hence, it can be difficult to reveal the value of a fabric with the naked eye.

This is where the Ruby Material Value Finder comes in! This little device, when looked through, helps you to determine the value by eliminating all the extra colours that our eye sees and focuses on the weight of the colours instead. Just look through the value finder at your prospective materials to see if they match in heaviness.

This nifty little gadget also comes with a built in template. The 1.5 Inch square is perfect for helping you look at your material as though it is a finished quilt. Sometimes it can be difficult to imagine certain heavier or lighter designs in an overall design as the starkness of the bolt takes over. However by simply using this 1.5 Inch square you will be able to see how that fabric works on a smaller scale. Can't find your 1.5 Inch template? Simply use this square instead! This handy gadget is really 3 uses in 1!

We understand the struggle of compiling materials for your special projects, especially if you like to pick all the materials yourself. After all it is the most important part of quilting. We are here to make your job easier with this handy Ruby Material Value Finder, give it a go and you will be using it for years to come!

Ruby Value Finder

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