Fusible Grid is a remarkable product that cuts down on the time it takes to piece a quilt top, while increasing your design options. Fusible Grid s a fusible, non-woven, layout grid. Similar to interfacing, it has a fusible side with a 2" grid on it used for fabric square placement. Note that a 2" grid results in a 1.5" finished square

Fusible Grid adds light support without bulk and is wonderful for Colourwash, Watercolour and Bargello Quilt tops that rely on careful placement of fabric squares to create artistic visual effects.

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General Instructions

Cut Fusible Grid to the size of your finished project plus at least 6" to 8" around all sides. This margin area is useful for any small size adjustments you find necessary as you lay out your design.


  1. Arrange Squares


    Fusible Grid also has a brushed surface that will "hold" the fabric squares in place before they are fused. This feature is an excellent aid in deciding on the final placement of the fabric squares and can also be pinned up onto a wall to get a better perspective while planning the quilt top.

    Tack or tape to a wall or other flat, vertical work surface, with the fusible side of the interfacing toward you. Secure all four corners of Quilt Fuse to the surface. It is best to work on a vertical surface so you can stand at a distance and evaluate fabric placements, colour flow, etc. If you are unable to work vertically lay Fusible Grid, fusible side up, on a surface large enough to fit the entire project, preferably a pressing surface.

    Working from piles of fabric squares sorted into lights, mediums, and darks, position the fabric squares to create your design, placing one fabric square onto each printed square. Fusible Grid has a brushed surface that will "hold" fabrics in place even before you fuse them. 

  2. Try mixing in some other sized squares to vary the look of your design, to fill in backgrounds, etc. (Remember that after stitching, the finished size of each 2" square will actually measure 1.5" square).


  3. Fuse in Place

    When you are satisfied with your quilt design, fuse fabrics into place. Start with your iron on the "wool" setting and light steam. By using a very light touch of the iron, you will secure fabrics just enough for stitching, with a light interfacing effect in the finished project. A firmer "hand" can be achieved by applying greater iron pressure for a longer time. The lighter fusing method is recommended for apparel projects and the firmer fusing method is recommended for wallhangings, placemats, and other craft/home dec applications.


  4. Fold & stitch horizontal rows

    To stitch, fold the first row right sides together, along the dotted line. Stitch a scant ¼" seam down the entire length. Continue to stitch each row, being careful to keep them straight as you sew. Lightly steam or finger-press all seams in the same direction.


  5. Snip intersections

    You may want to clip the seams where the grid lines intersect for easier stitching.


  6. Stitch vertical rows. Keep seam allowances in opposite directions.

    Fusible Grid uses the grid line as a sewing line instead of the edge of the fabric square, which in turn forgives uneven cutting and fusing and leaves the finished seams straight as an arrow.

Fusible Grid is machine washable and dry cleanable.


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