Quilt and Appliqué These Lovely Floral Quilts in One Step

• 8 small, easy-to-make art quilts celebrate the simple pleasures of the garden

• Fast assembly with full-size patterns and easy, fusible appliqué-stitch the appliqué and machine-quilt at the same time

• Learn to use fabric to re-create the soft effects of Diane's original watercolor paintings

Everything's in bloom when you make these beautiful floral appliqué art quilts. Inspired by watercolorist Diane Knott and designed by her daughter, art quilter Holly Knott, these small beauties celebrate the simple country pleasures of being in the garden.


Once Diane Knott's watercolor paintings were licensed on quilting fabric, the wheels began turning in her head as she thought of other ways to make her artwork available to quilters. At around the same time, I discovered art quilting and began my exploration of the wonderful world of modern fabrics and what can be done with the beautiful batiks, hand dyes, and other "painterly" fabrics. I started creating artsy quilts with landscape, nature, and architectural themes when I realized that these fabrics provided me with a perfect painterly palette. My mother and I felt that we could join forces and easily re-create some of her simpler garden-themed watercolors as easy-to-make raw-edge appliqué quilts. Many of the fabrics available today will allow you to create quilts that look like watercolor paintings. Writing Quilted Garden Delights emphasized how difficult it is for me to follow patterns exactly—even my own! As an art quilter, I like to wing it and often free-form cut my own shapes. I carefully drew the original drawings for this book only to discover, after laying out the pieces of fabric, that my actual quilt had strayed from my drawing a bit. I had to go back to the drawing board, literally, so I could give you, the reader, an accurate sketch that matched the quilt.

That said, we want you to think of these instructions as mere guidelines that are not set in stone. Although you can follow them exactly if you'd like, you certainly don't have to. We want you to have fun while making these projects. Feel free to change the colors, add additional flowers or leaves or rearrange their placement, alter the borders, and so on. Our instructions will provide you with all the information you need to re-create each project from start to finish, so even a beginner can make the projects, but more-advanced quilters (or adventurous beginners!) can really embellish and revise to their heart's content.

Using the raw-edge fusible appliqué technique explained in this book will allow you to complete these projects quickly. Enjoy your creative time painting with fabric.

Quilted Garden Delights: Make Your Quilts Bloom

Diane and Holly Knott, C&T Publishing, 56 pages + pattern pullout
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