OzQuilts Reward Points

  • Earn Reward Points when registered and logged in customers purchase items from our online store.
  • You can redeem your points at the checkout when you place future orders.
  • Save up your points and spend them whenever you like.
  • Reward Points are another small way we say "thank you" to regular customers.

Do I have to register to collect points?

Yes. In order for us to keep track of your points, we need for you to register.
You also need to log into your account to be able to earn and spend your points.

How many OzQuilts Rewards Points do I earn?

Generally you earn 1 reward point for every dollar spent (including gst). 

When do I get my points?

Points start accumulating in your account automatically once we mark your order as completed/posted.
You can see how many points you have in the "My Account" area.

You can redeem your points at the checkout or the shopping cart when you place your next order.
You can choose to use none, some or all of your reward points. You can save up your points and spend them when you like.

Terms and conditions

    • Customers must register on the website to begin receiving reward points.
    • Points cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash. They have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash. 
    • Reward Points are strictly for orders placed online.
    • Points can only be earned and claimed when registered customers are logged in to the website and place orders using our online store.
    • Reward Points are not counted or used towards postage/shipping or taxes.
    • Points are not transferable and we do reserve the right to cancel or amend the reward points program at any time

 How do I use my points?

Here are 3 screenshots showing how to use your points - (always easier to see an example I think!)

The first image below shows the shopping cart page. Down the bottom in the Points area are you can see this person has 362 points.
To use the points you need to type a number in the box and hit the “Apply” button.
You can choose how many points up to 362 that you want to use on this order.
You can save them up or use only a part of the 362 points. (Don't forget to click on apply once you have typed a number in)


Reward Points Example



Once you have entered your points and clicked on apply then the page changes to show you the discount in your order just like in the screenshot below. 

You don't have to do anything. The screenshot below shows you what the page will look like.


Reward Points Example



You can also use your reward points at the checkout page if you normally skip the shopping cart and go straight to the checkout.
The screenshot below shows how to use your points in the checkout.
Please type in the number of points you want to use and click on the apply arrow.

 So you can apply your reward points to your order either in the Shopping Cart or at the Checkout. Either way works fine :).

Hope this helps



Reward Points Example



Thank you and Happy Stitching!