This set includes 6 acrylic templates to make 4 sizes of framed hexagons - 1", 1½", 2", & 2½" finished sizes (measured along the sides of the hexagons)


A lovely hand or machine piecing project that comes together very quickly and is perfect for beginners. Quilt-As-You-Go so when the blocks are finished, they are finished!

Your quilt is Reversible! - one side features a framed block look and the other side of your quilt features regular hexagon blocks.

Can also be used to construct hexagonal bags.

Great for using up your scraps and leftover batting pieces.




Cut 1 large hexagon from fabric - this will be your backing fabric and be the fabric used in the "frame" of your block.

Cut 1 small hexagon from fabric and batting. This fabric will be the hexagon "picture" in your frame and is great for fussy cutting. 

Cutting your Framed Hexagon Quilt Block


Preparing for Stitching: 

  • Lay your larger fabric hexagon wrong side up
  • Lay your larger hexagon frame template on top
  • Position your batting hexagon and then your small fabric hexagon (right side up) inside your frame template
  • Place one finger on the centre and lift your frame template away
  • Pin or press (fusible batting is great!) your block

Layer your Framed Hexagon Pieces Layer your Framed Hexagon Pieces

  • One side of the hexagon at a time - fold the seam allowance over once to meet the inner hexagon. The fold the seam allowance again over the top of the inner hexagon to create the frame.
  • Pin, clip with a wonder clip or glue down the seam allowance.
  • Tip - fold over the seam allowance on alternate sides of the hexagon. Then go back and do the remaining three sides. This creates an easier, neater edge. A stilleto can be handy to mitre your corners.

Alternate folding your seam allowances  



  • Your block is ready for stitching! Hand or machine stitch (using a topstitch or machine applique stitch) the seam allowances. 
  • To join your blocks together, place two sides together and ladder stitch the edge (just like english paper piecing).
  • You can also machine stitch your blocks together using a zig-zag or your favourite decorative stitch.
  • Because the blocks are backed and quilted already, you are done!


Sizes included in the nested set: 

The set includes 6 acrylic templates.

This allows you to make 4 sizes of framed hexagon blocks - 1", 1½", 2", and 2½" finished size (measured along the sides of the hexagon).

Double these sizes if you want to know the finished size of the block measured across the widest part of the hexagon - so they finish at 2", 3", 4" & 5" across the widest part of the hexagon.


  • The 3½" hexagon frame will fit on a 6" wide strip
  • The 2½" hexagon will fit on a 5" square. This can either be used as a "frame" or as a "picture".


Options and Ideas:

  • Practice your free motion quilting in the centre of your hexagons before stitching them together
  • Choose to use fine thread to stitch down your frames to keep your stitching invisible.
  • Make your stitching the star and use Sue Spargo Eleganza Perle Cotton threads (or your favourite decorative threads) to join or embellish the blocks.
  • Use 5" Charm squares as the "frame" for 1.5" hexagons or the "picture" for 2.5" hexagons.
  • Fast cut your hexagons from strips of fabric and batting?. Makes the process much faster.
  • Liberty charm square pictures and white frames? Kaffe Fassett florals and stripes and dots? Aboriginal fussy cut prints with co-ordinating frames? 
  • Your quilt is reversible - the back of your quilt will be a beautiful hexagon quilt! Use Kaffe Fassett florals for your backings and arrange in colour wheel or watercolour layouts?
  • Arrange your hexagons in a bag shape?
  • Throw all your scraps in a bag and draw randomly?
  • Have fun, don't stress and play. These are quick and easy and will help develop your stitching and colour layout skills ~~Maree

Framed Hexagons Instructions (framed_hexagons_instructions.pdf, 224 Kb) [Download]

OzQuilts Framed Quilt-As-You-Go Hexagons Set

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