This Dresden Plate Ruler and Mylar Circles set is a smaller version of our popular dresden template and is designed to be used with 5" squares (charm squares) or fabric scraps.
Helps minimise fabric wastage!

  • Easy to use for beginners and experienced quilters alike
  • Acrylic Templates include 1/4" seam allowance
  • Perfect for quick cutting with a rotary cutter

This set includes 5 acrylic templates and a set of 8 Laser cut Mylar heat resistant circles to make the centres of the dresden.

Acrylic Templates includes the following sizes:

  • 24 Petals - 15 degree wedge
  • 20 Petals - 18 degree wedge
  • 16 Petals- 22.5 degree wedge
  • 12 Petals - 30 degree wedge
  • 10 Petals - 36 degree wedge

Please note the petals or points refer to the number of wedges or blades or petals in a full circle.
A full circle is 360 degrees so for example, a 15 degree mini dresden will have 24 petals or points
Each template is 5" tall - perfect for use with 5" charm squares.


Mylar Circles set includes the following sizes:

The Mylar Circles set includes 8 different diameters ranging in size from 2 1/4" to 4" in 1/2" increments.
Sizes included are 2 1/4", 2 1/2", 2 3/4", 3", 3 1/4", 3 1/2", 3 3/4" and 4". 


Cutting Instructions

You can use these templates to cut your fabric pieces using a 45mm or 28mm rotary cutter. You can also choose the trace the templates with a marking pencil and cut with scissors.
rotating cutting mat like Matildas Own or Sue Daley's cutting mat is a worthwhile investment. Makes cutting easier, safer and improves accuracy.

Sewing Instructions to create a Dresden Wedges with pointed tops

    1. Can be hand or machine stitched
    2. Fold each wedge right sides together and sew straight across the wide top end.
    3. Turn the point right side out and centre the seam exactly. A Clover Point Turning Tool makes this easy and quick. Press the point flat.
    4. Matching the upper edges, sew the wedges long edges together in pairs, then in groups. Press all seams open.
    5. Sew the wedge groups together to form a circle.
    6. Fold one background square in half and in half again and lightly press the folds to mark the centre and quarter points. 
    7. Matching quarter points, centre the Dresden circle over the background square and pin or glue in place.
    8. Stitch the outer Dresden points to the background square using hand or machine applique


Instructions for your Centre Circle

We include an assortment of sizes of mylar heat resistant circle for easy and perfect centre circles for your dresden plates.

  • Cut your circle from your chosen fabric. Don't forget to add your seam allowance (You can use a larger size circle to trace your cutting line with a marking pencil)
  • Place the finished size mylar circle template onto the wrong side of your applique piece and place a pin through the inner hole to hold the mylar circle in place
  • Thread a hand sewing needle and knot one end, leaving a tail after the knot. Can also be machine stitched with a large gathering stitch.
  • Sew a running stitch around the edge of the circle, turning the edge as you sew, stopping when you reach where you started.
  • Pull the thread to gather the circle until you have a closed circle. Tie a knot to secure.
  • Starch and Press with your iron, remove the thread and carefully remove your mylar circle.
  • Use a dab of glue to place and hold your circle in position on your project.
  • Applique in place. Done!

Mylar is resuable so it is particularly wonderful when your applique project has repeated shapes. Use your laser cut mylar circles again and again! Starch and Press!


More Ideas

  • You can strip piece fabric strips together for a chequerboard look and using striped fabrics can create interesting effects.
  • Mix and match wedge sizes to make a circle - as long as you have 360 degrees covered for the full circle. For example if you alternate 15 degree and 30 degree wedges you will need to cut 8 fabrics wedges of each size. Eight x 15 degree wedges and Eight x 30 degree wedges = 360 degrees. A full circle!
  • Two strips of fabric of contrasting shades can be pieced together and cut into a wedge on the vertical, can create a pleated flower effect. Our templates have a laser etched line up the centre to add with cutting this effect
  • Strip -sets of single strips (cut maybe 1 or 112in wide) can be used to create a graded flower, or different striped effects. 
  • Wedges cut at 45-degrees can result in a spinning sawtooth design, or by alternating direction you can create a radiating star pattern.

Experiment and have fun!

Mini Dresden Plate Template Set for 5" Squares and Mylar Circles for the centres

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