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Matildas Own Mylar Heat Resistant Sheets 12" x 6"

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Create sharp, flat , turned edges for perfect hand appliques without melting the template. Mylar® is an extraordinarily strong polyester film that grew out of the development of Dacron® in the early 1950s. During the 1960s cellophane gave way steadily to Mylar® with its superior strength, heat resistance, and excellent insulating properties.

These translucent Mylar sheets won't melt when you press over applique seam allowances for neat, smooth curves.

  • Simply trace and draw your applique pattern onto the mylar and cut out template. The Mylar sheets cut easily with household scissors.
  • Cut your applique piece from your chosen fabric. Don't forget to add your seam allowance.
  • Place the mylar template onto the wrong side of your applique piece. Use the edge of your iron to roll the seam allowance over the edge of the mylar - the mylar is heat resistant and won't melt!
  • If needed, use an icy pole stick, tweezers or a stilleto to hold the fabric so you don't scorch your fingers.
  • Optional: I use a can of spray starch for crispier pieces. Spray a little starch into the lid of the spray can and paint it onto the seam allowances with a small paint brush. I wash and block my quilts when they are finished so any residual starch is washed out. I would only recommend using starch if you plan to wash your quilt.
  • Creates sharp, flat edges for perfect hand appliques
  • Once the seam allowance has been pressed you can easily see where to clip away excess fabric from the seam allowance. Another benefit of this technique is that you don't overclip your pieces as you can see exactly where there is excess fabric that needs to be clipped.
  • Mylar is resuable so it is particularly wonderful when your applique project has repeated shapes. Cut one mylar template and use it again and again! Starch and Press!
  • Mylar also makes a wonderful work surface for hot glue guns.

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