Hana is the Japanese word for flower which is very appropriate for this 1930's style flower block.

Gorgeous 1930's style block. Join with diamonds or hexagons, or alternatively set with a plain large hexagon. Set of 5 Templates marked with seam allowances and marking holes at intersection points. The see through fibre optic templates allow you to "fussy cut" your prints for beautiful Hana blocks. To fussy cut, place the template over the selected part of your fabric e.g. flower, centre as necessary then cut or trace.

To make the "Hana" block:

  1. Use the small hexagon and trace/cut out 1 hexagon in the Centre (C) fabric
  2. Use the pentagon shape and trace/cut out 6 pentagons in Petal (P) fabric
  3. If sewing by machine, use a mechanical pencil to mark the holes in the templates. If sewing by hand, use a mechanical pencil and your Quarter Plus tool to mark in the seam allowance holes in the templates.
  4. Sew one petal to the centre as illustrated and then keep adding petals until all six are in place
  5. If sewing by machine, sew only to the holes as this makes setting in each petal (and the diamonds) easier.
  6. Use the diamond shape and cut 6 diamonds from your chosen background fabric. Insert these into the "flower".
  7. Make multiple blocks and sew together, or separate them with the large hexagon.
  8. Alternatively, leave out the diamond shape and join the flowers with the medium size hexagon
  9. Have fun making your own Hana Flower Garden!

Matilda's Own Hana (1930's Flower) Patchwork Template Set

Matilda's Own, Finished Block size is : 8", Set includes : 5 Template Pieces
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