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M&S Textiles Australia is the leading manufacturer of Australian Aboriginal designs printed on quality 100% cotton fabric. All M&S Textiles designs have a historical significance and a unique Dreamtime story to tell. 

M & S Textiles Australia was founded by Sham and Momo Lohani in 1990 in Melbourne on the dream of empowering the Australian Aboriginal designs to create on-demand, custom-designed textiles. Each Aboriginal Design Has a Story and Historical Significance.

Enlightening the marketplace over the 9 years, M & S Textiles have become the leader in the authentic Australian Aboriginal designs, providing genuine products across the country.

At M&S Textiles Australia, all our designs are created by Australian Aboriginal artists and their experience with the Dreamtime. The designs are crafted using only the colours seen in nature; because of this, our fabrics work very well together with other fabrics.

M & S Textiles licenses each artwork showcased on their fabrics and pays a fair share of the price to each artist. Explore the variety of Australian fabric collections showcasing colourways, bugs and animals, patterns/designs and stories.