• Heat Press Batting Together is a 1½ x 15 yard roll of batting tape that will fuse two edges of batting together.
  • It's soft, it's thin, it stretches, it's needle easy for hand or machine quilting.
  • White Batting Joiner


Directions for using HEAT Press Batting Together:

Iron Settings are Most Important when applying tape. Irons with Teflon plates can use low cotton to fuse tape. Irons without a teflon plate use the new instructions below.

  • Remove the Plastic Wrapping.
  • Test your iron with Tape and batting.
  • 100% polyester batting...low setting.. (high synthetic) and slide the heat of the iron across the batting quickly.
  • If needed use an appliqué sheet over the tape on the high loft 100% polyester.
  • Test all synthetic mixed battings – usually a wool setting works well
  • You may find that the batting looks flat after application with the heat but when it cools the batting is fluffy again.
  • With a large quilt batting 93” and adding more width, I use weights on either side of the batting to hold it in place.
  • Simply lay tape over cut edges and slide the iron over the tape without any pressure – “smooth out the tape” with the heat of the iron.
  • The batting tape needs only be applied to one side of the batting.
  • It holds through washings and dry cleanings.
  • It doesn’t gum up the needles and can be stitched by hand or by any machine.

Heat Press Batting Together 1½" Tape

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