This is one of our the popular stencils – undoubtedly because it’s got that winning combination of simplicity and beauty. If you’re looking for a way to quilt your heart and soul into your quilt either for yourself or a loved one, this stencil is perfect. Also available in a smaller size, search for code 30655


Full Line Stencils are unique, they are made to be transferred with a Pounce pad.

The opening that the chalk from the pad goes through is a mesh or screen, this allows the complete line to be transferred. No more breaks and bridges that are found in traditional stencils.

They are accurate, fast and easy to use.

Full Line Stencils work by forcing the chalk powder in the pounce pad through the screen mesh as it's swiped across the surface of the stencil. The designs do not have a true opening, a pencil will not work to transfer them.

The design is transferred on to the quilt top so quickly, no more fatigue in your hands from gripping the pencil, fabric does not get stretched and pulled like it does with a sharp pencil point.

There is no right or wrong side, most designs have registration marks to help align repeats. And rather than tracing all those lines you just swipe the chalk filled refillable Pounce Pad over the mesh and are ready to sew in no time.


View the following videos to learn more about Full Line Stencil and the Pounce Pad.




Full Line Stencil Sweetheart Meander

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