Curved seams create wonderful blocks and stunning effects can be created!.

This Flowering Snowball Patchwork Template Set is available in 3 sizes - Finished Block Sizes of 6", 9" or 12". The 6" set is also available as a halo style template set.
Please choose the size you would like from the drop down box.

  • The traditional 3 piece patchwork template set includes 1/4" seam allowances and marking holes so you can easily match intersecting points for accurate hand and/or machine piecing. 
  • All our template sets are laser cut from 3mm thick clear acrylic which is ideal for clear viewing and easy fussy cutting fabric for your block.
  • Cutting - You can use these templates to cut your fabric pieces using a 45mm or 28mm rotary cutter. You can also choose the trace the templates with a marking pencil and cut with scissors.
  • Stitching - You can choose to hand or machine piece these blocks. I like to hand piece the curved sections on the smaller sized blocks. We have machine pieced the straight seams on the squared up blocks so the quilt comes together quickly.


Available in 6", 9" and 12" template sets:

  • Finished Block Size 6" - Ideal for scissor cutting and hand-piecing - great for Liberty squares and 5" Charm Packs 
  • Finished Block Size 9" - This size works really well with 10" squares or layer cakes (see photo for layout options)
  • Finished Block Size 12" - Great for larger scale fabric prints like Kaffe Fassett Collective or Aboriginal Art fabrics as you can really see the beauty of the fabric design in larger template pieces. Your quilt top comes together quickly with larger blocks. Larger curved pieces are easier to stitch than small pieces so beginners may wish to start with larger templates.
  • Finished Block Size 6" Halo/Window Style Templates - Ideal for scissor cutting and hand-piecing - great for Liberty squares and 5" Charm Packs. There are 6 template pieces in this set. Trace around the centre inner template for your sewing line. Cut or trace around the outer template for your cutting line including the seam allowance.


Note about the 9" hand pieced block pictured:

  • The curved shapes in this block were hand pieced with Sue Spargo Effina 60wt cotton thread using Tulip Milliners Size 10 needles. The completed squared blocks were then sewn by machine. 
  • Threads - Sue Spargo 60wt Effina cotton, Aurifil 50wt or 80wt cotton, Rasant 120wt Poly-core Cotton, Wonderfil 80wt Decobob polyester thread, Invisafil 100wt poly thread, Bottom Line 80wt Poly thread are all good options depending on your personal preference and what you already have at home. 
    Weight refers to a thread's thickness. A lower weight means a thicker thread so a 60wt thread is thicker than an 80wt thread which is thicker than a 120wt thread.
  • I tend to like a thinner, stronger thread for hand piecing that is no thicker than 60wt. Many quilters will only use pure cotton thread and others are happy to use polyester threads or cotton covered polyester threads (cotton wrapped over a polyester core). Polyester adds strength to the thread but there are concerns that stronger polyester thread can break the weaker cotton fibre of fabric over time. Personal preference comes into play here. If in doubt, I  would choose cotton or cotton covered polyester threads.
  • The threads mentioned above are also great for english paper piecing (poly threads in particular for added strength) and applique (the finer the thread the more it will disappear into your appliqued piece.) 
    Use what you have in your stash or try something new that you can use in other projects. Neutral coloured threads in dark to light values are versatile for all-round use without breaking the budget.
  • A Sewline Mechanical pencil was used to mark through the holes in the templates onto the fabrics. 


Tips for sewing curved seams

Larger curved pieces are easier to stitch than small pieces so beginners may wish to start with larger templates.

You can mark your fabrics with a marking pencil using the registration holes in the templates. You can also fold your fabric pieces into halves and quarters and iron creases into your pieces as guides. Match these points together when pinning and stitching so your blocks are accurate. 

With the right sides of your fabric together, align the other edges of your pieces and pin along your curves matching the registration marks.

Ease your curved edges together and pin, adding as many pins as you need to match the curves well. "Ease" means it's ok to pull and stretch the bias fabric edges into place. It's important to be careful here and use as many pins as you need. Some people use glue but I still like to use pins myself. Applique Pins are great for curved seams.

Once the pieces are aligned, machine or hand sew your seam using a scant 1/4" seam allowance

Press the seam outwards if it suits your block. 
As a general patchworking guide press your seams towards the darkest fabric so the dark fabrics don't "shadow" the light fabrics in your quilt. Don't be afraid to press the seam inwards if you and your fabrics prefer :)



Australian Bed Sizes

Flowering Snowball Patchwork Template Set

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