• Mark scalloped borders on any size quilt quickly and easily
  • Includes two different size tools
  • Make Scallops in sizes from 4" to 12"
To get this scalloped edge... Do this.
EZ Quilting Easy Scallop tool sample Easy Scallop Tool Sample
EZ Quilting Easy Scallop tool sample EZ Quilting Easy Scallop Tool sample
EZ Quilting Easy Scallop tool sample Easy Scallop Tool Sample

Using the Easy Scallop
Mark scalloped borders on any size quilt quickly and easily.

Measure the length of the border.
Step 1: Choose desired number of scallops. Divide the border length by that number. This will give you scallop size.
Border length divided by number of scallops=scallop size.
Round the answer to the nearest quarter inch. Set the Easy Scallop™ tool at that measurement you have chosen.
Step 2: To mark a roundedcorner, begin at one corner and mark a full scallop.Mark from both ends toward the center, so if any adjustments need to bemade, you can make them in the center (Diagram A).

To mark a pointed corner, begin at one corner and mark a half scallop, leaving the corner square. Again, mark from both ends toward the center (Diagram B).

Step 3: Do not cut on the marked line!
Quilt, then before binding, hand-baste along the marked scallop line. This will keep the layers from shifting when the binding is sewn on.

Step 4: A bias binding is a must for binding curved edges. Cut your binding strips at a 45 degree angle, and join with diagonal seams pressed open. A single binding cut at
1-1/4" will finish to 1/4".

Step 5:Press the beginning edge under 1/4". With right sides together and the raw edge of the binding aligned with the marked border, begin stitching a 1/4" seam at the top of the scallop.

Step 6: Stitch to the base of the V, stop with the needle down at that point. Lift the presser foot, pivot the quilt and binding to begin sewing out of the V. Put the presser foot down and sew out of the V, taking care not to stitch any pleats in the binding.

Step 7: Continue around the quilt in this manner, easingthe binding around the curves, not stretching it. Overlap the beginning edge by 1", trim off at an angle.

Step 8: Trim the seam allowance even with the edge of the binding. Turn the binding to the back side, turn under 1/4" and stitch down by hand, covering the stitching line. The inside corners will just fold over upon themselves automatically.

A review of Easy Scallop from EZ Quilting

Are you bored with putting plain borders without much personality on your quilts? If you are, but you aren't ready to commit to a lot more work to finish the quilt with a pieced border, then I've found a solution for you that is easy and quick.

EZ Quilting's Easy Scallop template set makes it easy to make scalloped borders for your quilts. It adjusts to make scallop sizes from four to twelve inches across. The Easy Scallop comes as two pairs of piece-of-pie-shaped templates, a large pair and a small one. The large pair makes scallops from seven to twelve inches. The small ones go from four to seven inches.

Adjustable Templates

To mark a scallop of a particular size, just slip the tab you'll find on the edge of one template piece into the slit marked with the size you want on the other template piece. The two pieces together now form a piece-of-pie-shaped scallop of the size you selected. After marking the scallop edges, quilt as usual, trim to shape, and bind with a bias binding.

The Easy Scallop instructions have pictures for measuring, marking, and binding in only eight steps. Is it really that easy? Yes and no. It depends a lot on how many scallops you want.

If you know the number of scallops you want on each side, it is easy. Just divide the length of the side by the number of scallops to get the scallop size, then round to the nearest 1/4 inch. That's it! You're ready to scallop.

Binding The Quilt

The rest of the Easy Scallop instructions are easy to follow. They tell you how to cut and iron a 1/4" binding for the edge. Making the binding according to the instructions gives you only one layer of fabric that actually wraps around the edge. The binding looks like double-fold bias tape. If you don't like that method, you can use your favorite method for making the binding. But you should still follow the Easy Scallop instructions for applying the binding. It does take a little longer to sew on the scalloped binding because of the pivots where two scallops meet.The look you get from this little extra work makes your quilts more distinctive and attractive.

EZ Quilting Easy Scallop Adjustable Quilt Template

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