Companion Angle is one of the easiest and best ways to make triangles with the grain on the long edge. Make quarter square triangles without fabric waste.

  • Triangles are cut with the longest edge on the straight of grain
  • Cut trapezoids of many sizes
  • Cut 1" to 10" quarter square triangles
  • Cuts half block triangles for small blocks set on point
  • Built-in 1/4" seam allowance
  • Ideal for use with a rotary cutter

Using the Companion Angle

Cut triangles with long sides on the straight-of-grain for use in Broken Dishes and other blocks and for set-in side triangles. Before cutting strips, fold your fabric once parallel to the selvage edges, with selvage edges together. Then fold again in the same direction. Trim along one side of the folded fabric perpendicular to the selvage to square it up.

Determine the finished triangle base for the triangles you need.

Find the number for the finished triangle base size along either side of the tool. The number will be bounded by dashed lines indicating the finished triangle. Look in the center for the number below the dashed line. This number is the strip width you need to cut. Here, for a finished triangle base of 3", you will need to cut 2" strips.

To cut triangles, line up the line underneath the strip width number with the bottom of the strip. Cut on either side of the tool.

Flip the tool over, and line up the strip width number line with the top of the strip, and the edge of the strip along the edge of the tool. Cut along the other edge of the tool. Continue cutting with these two steps for more triangles.

This tool can be used to cut 45º acute angle trapezoids as well. Simply follow the same cutting steps based on the trapezoid finished based width. The strip width must be determined to adding 1/2" to the finished trapezoid height.

Companion to Easy Angle and Easy Eight

EZ Quilting Companion Angle Ruler Instructions (companionAngle.pdf, 305 Kb) [Download]

EZ Quilting Companion Angle Ruler

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