Yes, now those challenging concave/convex, inside/outside curves of so many beautiful quilt blocks are within the reach of ALL quiltmakers

Double Wedding Ring or Drunkard's Path… Wheel of Mystery, Wheels of Whimsy, Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, Improved Nine Patch, Royal Cross… The new Strips and Curves quilts… Turn traditional blocks into curved-seam creations... All possible with the Curve Master Presser Foot.

Invented by a quilter, for quilters, the Curve Master allows even beginners to sew:

  • On Most Any Sewing Machine
  • Accurate Scant ¼" Seams, Either Curved or Straight
  • At a Steady, Medium-to-Fast Machine Speed
  • Without Stopping to Align Edges
  • Producing Square Blocks that Don't Require Trimming, AND, Without Pinning, Marking or Clipping!!!

The Curve Master Presser Foot features:

The benefit of this is:

What this means to you is:

Provides automatic easing of the curve thus eliminating the need for marking center points of curved pieces

1) You don’t have to cut notches for the center, or place pencil marks on each piece.

2) Eliminates excess handling of bias edges so fabric doesn’t stretch and become misshapen on bias edges.

1) You Save time in cutting and preparing fabrics for sewing.

2) You don’t have to reshape blocks and often you don’t have to trim them.

Sews curves with no pinning.

1) Saves time placing pins before sewing and removing pins while sewing.

2) Eliminates excess handling and stretching of bias edges.

1) You produce SMOOTH, EVEN curves, not a series of angled straight lines from pin to pin. Better quality workmanship.

2) Blocks remain square, not distorted, and generally do not need trimming or blocking.

Sews curves with no clipping before or after sewing

1) Saves time.

2) Keeps seam strong. No danger of clipping through threads.

1) Quilts will get made faster and last longer.

2) Heirloom quilts can last long enough to become heirlooms!

Provides an accurate, scant ¼” seam on BOTH curves and STRAIGHT piecing.

Ensures accuracy and consistency of your own work, and of group projects as well.

1) Saves you money as it eliminates the need for other feet.

2) You will have less trimming of your own blocks, so you can work faster and still be accurate.

3) You will be able to share blocks with friends and have them be the same size!

Comes as a snap-on foot and four adapters.

Fits most machines. One foot with adapters fits Bernina, Pfaff, Singer Featherweight, Singer Slant Needle, Janome, Brother, Elna, Kenmore….and others.

The snap-on foot works on Viking/Husqvarna, Janome, New Home...

You can use the Curve Master on more than one machine and on more than one brand of machine. Eliminates the need to purchase additional adapters or separate feet for each machine.

Invented by a quilter for quilters.

Inventor has in-depth understanding of quilting challenges & requirements.

Product meets standards for quality from a demanding quilter. You can expect to produce quality work.


Curve Master Presser Foot

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