The new Clover Hot Ruler (or Long Hot Hemmer) is the cousin to the very popular Clover Hot Hemmer pressing tool.

Please note this version of the Hot Ruler has imperial measurements (not metric).

The Hot Hemmer (6" x 5") and Hot Ruler (10" x 2.5") will revolutionize the way you do hems, mitered corners and pressed curves.  They truly are the “go to” tools for anyone who does hems, mitered corners or pressed curves. The Hot Hemmer is 6″ x 5″ with a rounded corner for pressing curves and a square cut out corner for measuring in and over at the same time. The Hot Ruler is 10″x 2 1/2″ and is designed for completing longer hems in minimum time.

Clover's amazing heat resistant nylon allows you to press directly on the ruler, giving you perfectly crisp and straight folds every time. The non-slip surface keeps your measurements in place, while still being easy to lift and move around your fabric when you need to.

And best of all both are loaded with useful measuring and angle markings and cutouts.

Both tools make struggling with Mitered Corners a thing of the past! The angled line starting from the 90-degree corner works as a guide for folding up the corner of your fabric, then simply press and you have a perfect corner

The square cut-out gives you the ability to measure in and over at the same time, ideal for squaring up the bottom of bags and determining the placement of buttons, beads, or stitches!

A rounded corner allows you to easily press rounded edges into fabric SO easily. Just gather the fabric up around the rounded edge and press. Then trim the excess fabric and you're ready!

The rounded corner is ideal for shirt pockets, curved shapes in cotton appliqué projects, bags with rounded corners, or anywhere else your creativity takes you. It can also be used as a cutting template to achieve a perfect curve!




Clover Pressing Guide (TS_Pressing_Guide.compressed.pdf, 856 Kb) [Download]

Clover Hot Ruler 2 ½” x 10”

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