• 100 Sheets 8 1/2" x 11"
  • Use in most inkjet or laser printers or copy machines
  • No shrinking, curling, or turning brittle
  • Holds up beautifully during stitching
  • Tears away easily when you are done
  • Lightweight - won't create bulk when you join sections
  • Absorbent - less ink transfer where you don't want it
  • Non-coated - fabric won't slip on it

The paper is very thin, unbleached and lies flat in the paper tray of my printer and feeds perfectly. I don't get any bunched up or messed up printings. Every sheet feeds individually, resulting in perfect foundations for sewing.

Foundation Paper is also easy to sew through, making it quieter. And it's easier to remove than heavier foundation paper after the block is stitched. It tears away without any effort or any stress on the stitches. It even allows me to sew sections together without a lot of bulk. This gives me more accurate blocks.

I use a slightly larger sharp needle - a size 90/14 and shorten my stitch length down to 1.5-1.8 when I am paper piecing. This kind of "perforates" the paper as I am stitching making it easier to remove. I also recommend using an Add-A-Quarter Ruler for paper piecing.

When using a photocopier, inkjet or laser printer - Fill paper tray with Carol Doak's Foundation Paper and print or copy your pattern. You may also hand-feed single sheets.



Carol Doak Foundation Paper (100)

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