Wool Batting Price Rise

Beat the Price Rise. Be Quick & Stock Up on Matildas Own Wool Battings
February 9 2018
We have been advised today that Matilda's Own wool battings are going up in price. 
Prices on wool/poly in 1.5 metres and 2.4 metre width, Pure Wool batting and Cotton/Wool Batting have not increased yet but will be going up as soon as we need replacement stock. Now is the time to get in quick and stock up to beat the price rise on these products.
3.1 metres wide wool/poly and charcoal batting have increased effective immediately. 
Price Increases are around the 18% -20% mark.
From Matilda's Own Managing Director Tony Sullivan:
'International prices for wool soared to new highs in 2017 thanks to demand from China. Is it enough to call it a boom?' 
SBS News 26 December 2017
Great news for the wool industry that has not had it easy over the last decade or so but not so great for the price of Matilda's Own Wool based products as we are also high users of this desirable export quality wool.
Prices of our wool have risen to unprecedented highs nearly 70% more than the same time last year.
In order to give us all stability in the pricing of wool based battings we forward buy at the beginning of each year. This secures a stable price to prevent price fluctuations the industry may experience, being passed on.  Although we keep great stocks of wool we are running out fast and will need to implement our replacement pricing effective once our current stocks are depleted. 
We have held off putting our prices up for as long as we could hoping that the price of wool might drop back to previous levels. This has not transpired and if anything we look like experiencing even higher pricing moving forward.  We will continue to monitor and hopefully come back with some good news. However in the mean time our new pricing on wool based wadding is effective as soon as we start on our replacement stock."

Matildas Own wool batting